What is Mindcell?

Mindcell is a spreadsheet program which is similar to Excel but which offers 7 dimensional way of thinking.

Mindcell can store any kind of both number and string data with their format information. It processes the data in 7x7=49 different planes.

In a standart database program, first, the data is entered and then it is read by organizing it. Suppose a database for a school with students, examinations,  and scores kept in different tables. To get a report on the scores, there should be established a relation among the students, examinations, and scores tables writing SQL statements. For example, if we want to learn who got what score, and in which examination, there should be written the related SQL statement.

On the other hand, in Mindcell, because the data is entered by signing who got what score in which examination, and there automatically generated a list tree view, you can directly reach the related page and make any operation on it.

What does "different views to data" mean? For example, "who" is a view. "who,where" and "where,who" are also different views. From this point, and from the fact that we have 7 basic question words (who, where, when, how, which, why, what) and also because "who,where" and "where,who" are different views, using permutation there are 7!=5040 possible different views. That means, you can question one data in 5040 different ways.

Mindcell is also a calculator program. The mathematical formulas and properties you can find in a calculator program are available in Mindcell as well.

It offers a different way of approach to reach the data which requires a multi-dimensional way of thinking in the organization of data and which can be understood with complex applications.

The fact that the questions of "who, where, when, how, why, what, which", on those Mindcell are built on, are used together to make a military order clear and certain is an inspiration source for the development of Mindcell.

The aim to store the data is to get it back when it is needed. Then, we can save it to the point where the parameters of it defines. When it is necessary to read it again, we get it according to the parameters. Because the data is stored using human language and daily life thought, we can reach the data questioning it in the same way.

How data is entered

  • A Model is designed
  • Mindcell gives us 7 discrete dimensions. What we should do is to name those dimensions. The best example for this is :  "Who, where, when, what, why, which, how"
  • After the model is created, the data is entered in accordance with that model. Both string and numeric data can be entered. Mindcell is a combination of a seven dimensional word processor, a database, and a spreadsheet. Al the data is kept in the their defined point, which enables us to have an entire control on the data. For example, your writings, notes, any kind of numeric data are stored in an organized way in the file.
  • Because the data is entered as questioned, it is stored in the database as questioned. We can also express that as perceived. When needed, even someone who knows little about Mindcell, can easily reach data.

How data is questioned

  • Because the data is entered with relations in Mindcell, without any need to query statements, you can directly reach data. In one screen, you can see a data related to 7 fields.
  • In Treeview, you can reach the data in 5040 different ways
  • For each query, automatic report pages can be created
  • With Listview, you can create lists with respect to time, subjects, and numeric data
  • There can be establish a hierarchical structure among the data. For example, daily calculations can be grouped to create a weekly calculations upper group. Weekly calculations groups can make monthly and annual calculation upper groups. In this layered structure, in the lowest level, a change in a day reflects to all upper groups. This structure can be created on the network as well. That is, a change in data related to a day on an A computer, reflects to the annual data table on a B computer. This happens with the help of 7 dimensional formula based operation.


The philosophy of Mindcell

Although there is an enthropy in the universe, life is going on. what is the force behind this? We just believe that the force that enables the life to continue is one like four basic forces. (4 basic forces: Gravity Force, Nuclear Force, Magnetic Force, Weak Force) So, we add one force more to the basic 4 forces. The one which enables life to continue. Because the basic unit of living creatures is cell, we call this force "Cell". 

But we also believe there is a  6th force as well. This is the one which enables the rules of the universe to be independent from time and place. It is the one which brought the civilization to the current point. We call it "Mind" force.

Mindcell is the combination of those two forces.

The aim of Mindcell.org

The aim of Mindcell.org is to contribute to the development of mathematics and to introduce the way of Mindcell thought besides Mindcell program.


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