New Mathematics

It is not possible to reach the current technological level using Roman Numbers. But, the idea behind Roman numbers is another mathematical approach to write down the counts of objects.

With the discovery of "0", mathematics was able to bring technology to its current level. Roman numbers were specifying the numbers but it was not possible to make calculations with them and it is possible to make calculations with the mathematical system we use today. But similar to Roman numbers case, today's mathematics is not able to calculate knowledge. An example for this can be a loop with 10 to 100 steps. It can take that kind of a loop bilions of years to finish.

At this point, our new mathematical understanding started to emerge. With this new approach, for an operation which normally can take bilions of years, only a few seconds are enough.

For the time being, we believe we are about to finish the mathematical methods which will run all the algorithms that include astronomic number of steps of loops.

We also believe that there will be some very serious technological revolutions after the new mathematics is completed and used. 


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