About The Developer

In 1984, when I was at Istanbul Technical University, I started to work with the idea of developing a software which will find the best solution on chess using the way of thought in izostatic systems in constuction engineering.

While dealing with my works on construction business on one hand, on the other hand  I went on working on this subject for 6-7 years. And at last, I decided that it is not possible to succeed this with today's mathematical understanding. Then, I started to look for new mathematical methods. I tried to develope a new number system. Meanwhile, I studied on different mathematical approaches like Astec, Maya and Indian math. After five years, in about 1996, after lots of drills, I established a new mathematical system. And during this time, I came up with some other projects.

  • Encryption
  • Methods to fasten loops to incredibly high speeds

Mindcell was developed on the experience acquired during that time.

I was using Excel in my construction business and because of some inadequacies of Excel, I decided to develope a multi-dimensional spreadsheet program. I was working on DOS environment but then I decided to develope it on Borland C++ Builder 4.0. 

I decided to develope a practical program which I can use in my daily life and business activities, while I tried to develope a program that will calculate knowledge. This program had to keep my notes and calculations because construction business had calculation and relation centered data. I had to reach knowledge very fast when needed. The program had to enable me to ask questions to reach knowledge and it had to answer my questions.

To be able to do this, I found out that a multi-dimensional space was required into which the data would be entered in accordance with the questions "who, where, when, how...". And so, Mindcell project emerged. After 3-4 years, I finished the first version of Mindcell spending time on it during my intense business works and suspending my works on artificial intelligence. Mindcell turned into a software of 100.000 lines of code which include high level algorithms and a software that enables everone to set up their data model in 7 dimensional space.

During the development of this new approach to data organization, I read lots of books on the subjects like human psychology, hypnosis, artificial intelligence and mathematics. That has a great effect on the thought Mindcell is built on.


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