Big Prize

A similar operation to what the following code does is carried out in Mindcell and both algorithms give the same result. 


Data Entry

for (e=1;e<a;e++)
for (y=1;y<b;y++)
for (k=1;k<c;k++)
{  d=d+e ;

   f=f+y ;


   n=n+m ;


Loops and Operations





Here there are loops that may take hundreds of years to finish. That means, to get a result, you have to wait for hundreds of years.

Let's try to calculate approximately how long those loops can take.

Because the step count of the loops is a x b x c, for the minimum digit number for our prize here, that is for 12 digits, it is 100000000000 x 100000000000 x 100000000000 = 1033. That means, there are 1033 steps in the loops. (We took 100000000000 for ease in calculation)

So, we can find the required time for those loops to finish by multiplying the time required for each single step with the count of total steps. 

A 10 GHz microprocessor makes 10000000000 = 1010 operation per second. (We neglect that this is cycle count and for even a very simple addition operation, lots of cycles are needed. If we include this in our calculation, the result will be hundreds of times higher.)

With a computer with a 10 Ghz microprocessor, the total time those loops will take is 1033/1010 = 1023 seconds. If we convert it into year, we get 3.17x1015 years.

PRIZE 1 (An alternative program for NewMath.exe )

Write a program which will carry out the mathematical operations in the above code in less than 1 second as we did in NewMath.exe. The first one who will do it will be awarded


  • Each of a, b and c will be at least 12 digits.


PRIZE 2 (A program which will decrypt the password MindKey.exe encrypts)

The first one who will decrypt the password encrypted by the encryption techology we use in MindKey.exe will be awarded


  • Our code was written in Borland C++ Builder. You can use any program you want in your solution. Your program will run on one computer with one processor.
  • The compiled functions used in our demo program MindKey.exe can not be copied and used by decompiling them with an HEX editor program or in another way.
  • The prize will only be for the first one who will reach the result.
  • In any case of disagreement, the authority is granted to Istanbul Courts.

The deadline for the solutions:  April 23, 2006

These two prizes are available for everyone all over the world.

After the Deadline: Only the first question was solved.  More Information


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